JFJ Easy Pro Plus with solutions and accessories in *Very Good* condition. The JFJ Easy Pro Plus powers on and works correctly. It has been well taken care of and kept in a smoke free home. Items included: (1) JFJ Easy Pro Plus disc resurfacer machine (1) JFJ Easy Pro 1- year warranty (1) JFJ Easy Pro operating instructions manual (1) 12oz bottle of JFJ disc repair Polishing Compound #1 3/4 ful...
Brand new. Fully loaded! Phone bill paid up till 5-11-2019!!
www.gonephonewild.com we are a used cell phone store located at 1005 college st. in Tahlequah Ok. We fix all types of cell phones. Broken glass , screens, lcd's ect... Plus we have prepaid sevice for att phones and T-Moble phones.. We carry a large selection of all types, and every carrier.. Att, T-Moble, Verizon, Sprint, US Celluar, Cricket, and Virgin Moble just to name a few... Call us a...
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